Our Story

Vanus Couture was established since 2015 by
Mr.Sun Soodket and Mr.Napat Niyomyam.

Mr.Sun Soodket
Mr.Napat Niyomyam

Vanus Couture has gathered various experienced personnel. Whether they are a pattern and sewing team with direct experience from the French brand Couture including those who have passed work from the top level couture in thailand. And we are always meticulously finding the finest materials to customize our precious wedding gowns. Some materials we seek from Europe directly. Therefore, our customers can be proud that materials we use are different from others.

The highlight of us is to use authentic French pattern patterns for sewing to the customers. When customers wear our wedding dress, there will be a beautiful shape, waist, neck, beautiful chest, including correcting the shape defects. Every bride wearing our wedding dresses is elegant and beautiful.

Awards & Recognition

Over the years, Venus Couture has sparked tThai traditional wedding dresses as every bride mentioned. Due to our Thai traditional dresses have many colors and designs. Whether it is a hand-made Thai dresses that use gold threads instead of cotton threads. There are both knitting on the fabric and full embroidery with the pattern. Some of which are made up of only one piece and cannot be found elsewhere. Including we use advanced techniques for dyeing ombre our silk fabric. We have combined any unique pieces into a collection of ancient Thai wedding dresses that have the most selections of in Thailand. In the regard, we have also received many awards as following to guarantee our success.

Praew Wedding
Bride Magazine
Vanus First
Luxury brand of Vanus Couture
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